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    About us
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    云南瑞博检测技术股份有限公司(YUNNAN RIBO TESTING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.)创立于2005年,是一家专业的第三方检验检测机构,同时也是一家在“全国中小企业股份转让系统”(新三板)挂牌的公司(证券简称:瑞博检测 证券代码:832813)。公司专注于提供:建设工程及建材、生态环境监测、公共场所卫生技术服务及评价、食品及农产品检验等多领域的检验检测技术服务及咨询。同时也开展上述领域检验检测技术的应用开发与推广工作。






    About RIBO

    YUNNAN RIBO TESTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as The company) was established on 2005 as a professional third-party inspection and testing institution, and is a public company listed on the"NATIONAL EQUITIES EXCHANGE AND QUOTAIONS” at the same time (Stock short name: RTTC and Stock Code: 832813). The company focuses on providing inspection and testing technical services and consulting services in various fields, such as: Construction engineering and building materials, Ecological environment monitoring, Public place health technical services and evaluation, Food and agricultural product inspection. The application development and promotion of inspection and detection technologies in the above fields are also being simultaneously carried out.

    The company has five management modules: Technical committee, Quality committee, Administrative management center, Financial management center and R & D center, which respectively undertake the company's technical management, quality management, administrative management and R & D (including intellectual property) management responsibilities to ensure the ability of the company to provide qualification and efficient products and services for the customer.

    The company has a nearly 2000m2 laboratory center which being well-designed, functional division well-defined and fully equipped by large-scale analytical instruments and experimental equipments with worth more than tens of millions RMB. At present, the company has obtained 1,000 items of the capacity parameter for CMA (China Inspection Body andLaboratory Mandatory Approval).

    The company devotes for the information construction of laboratory management to specially develop the "Ruibo Laboratory Information Management System", which provides a strong guarantee for improving work efficiency and ensuring process reliability.

    The company concentrates on the customers’ need, fully understands and respects the various requirements of relevant parties, and has formulated a service concept of "the more you pay,the more you will gain".

    With the full understanding of the laws and regulations on which it operates and other requirements it should comply, the company establishes, maintains and continuously improves the management of environmental factors that can be controlled or can exert influence, establishes an occupational health and safety system, and formulates the company vision of " Helping employees grow".


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